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YOUTH COUNCILLORS RAISE OVER £100 for the young mayor's charity.

This year the proceeds of fundraising will be shared equally between the three local primary schools.  The money will be presented by Louise at the young mayor making ceremony on October 16th 2014.  Louise has been an excellent young mayor, and has been a fantastic ambassador the young people of Garstang.  A new young mayor will be elected in October. 



Valentines Weekend fundraiser for The Rosemere Cancer Foundation

This fundraising event was the brain child of Bethany Wright-Graham and together with help from Wesleys and her fellow youth councillors they managed to raise £300 for the Rosemere Cancer Foundation by hosting a Valentine's special cake and coffee morning.  Special thanks go to Peter McWilliams from Wesleys and Iced of Garstang who donated a cake.
Picture: L to r.  Chris Ryan Mayor,  Ben Wright-Graham,  Louise McCarthy Young Mayor,  Anna (friend of Bethany)  and Youth Councillors Bethany Wright-Graham and Faye Mower



On Christmas Eve the Youth Councillors visited residents and staff at the Cornmill.  

An impromtu session of sing a long and chat made for a very enjoyable visit.  (24.12.13)




Mayor Making October 2013

Garstang Youth Council 2013

l-r front row: Robert Ibison, Holly Hands, Rory Mower, Young mayor Louise McCarthy, Faye Mower, Oliver Atkinson, Bethany Wright -Graham

l-r back row: Town Clerk Edwina Parry, George Dunne, Christian Wilcox, Gerard McCann, Jonny Bisby, Beth Hadley, Nathan Halford, Cllr Lynn Harter

Retiring young mayor Rory Mower hands over his chain to newly elected young mayor Louise McCarthy

A host of dignitaries, business leaders and head teachers were present at the 2013 Young mayor making ceremony at the civic offices in Garstang. MP Ben Wallace was unable to attend, but he sent the youth councillors a letter in which he stated:

"I am delighted that all the young people have been inspired to get involved in their community in such a positive and productive way.  We often hear that young people are disinterested in politics, and this is very disturbing.  I am pleased that this is not the case in Garstang and I hope that the young councillors will continue to remain engaged in the issues affecting them for the rest of their lives"

The youth council was founded in 2012 by town councillor Lynn Harter.  The initiative has proved highly popular and is well regarded by many of the town's community groups.  Cllr Harter said she felt privileged to work with such a great group of hard working and "community minded" young people.

Louise will begin a busy year as the representative of Garstang's young people, and her main focus will be to raise some funds for the three local primary schools.

Newly elected youth councillor Oliver Atkinson said:

"Being on the Youth council is one of the best things that have ever happened to me. It lets me and many more people speak their voice and gives anyone the opportunity to have their own voice in Garstang. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Edwina Parry ~ Town Clerk and Town Councillor Lynn Harter for their determination and effort for without them the Youth Council would not be here now."

 The Youth Council will formally meet quarterly, but informal meetings will take place as and when needed in order to discuss or fulfil quarterly agenda items. 

If you are interested in being involved with Garstang youth council, Garstang youth panel, or you would like to bring something to the attention of our youth councillors – please contact the town clerk:

Mrs E. Parry, Room G17, Garstang Business & Community Centre, High Street, Garstang. PR3 1EB

Tel: 07592792801 Email:



To recognise the outstanding achievement of 2 young people in the town.  Trophies have been donated by Carrs Jewellers and Lady Dulcie Atkins, and will be presented to the young person who has excelled in some way in their age group.  This year the Carr’s junior “Citizen of the Year” was presented to youth cllr Oliver Atkinson, and the Atkins senior “Citizen of the Year” was deservedly won by young mayor Louise McCarthy.

Both have shown amazing dedication to the community; Louise and Oliver are pictured below.

Young councillor Oliver said: "For me it's about making a difference and I enjoy getting involved and seeing things get better and better."



News about this year’s competition will be seen in the Garstang Courier and online here during summer. 

However, if you feel you already know of a special young person aged between 4 – 18 years old who may deserve some recognition this year, please email Cllr. Lynn Harter stating your own name and contact details, your nominee’s name and age, and your reasons for nomination.

Finally...many young school councillors paid their annual visit to the town council during Democracy Week in October.  The mayor visits the schools in the morning, and invites the children back to the council offices in the afternoon.  It gives the young people a chance to sit in the mayoral chair and try on the chains for size!



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